Why Kenyan Tea?

Kenyan tea is produced without use of any agrochemicals.

It is grown along the equator and therefore it receives adequate sunlight throughout the year allowing for natural photosynthesis which helps yield naturally high quality tea.

Kenyan tea is grown in areas of altitudes between 1500-2700 meters (4,950-8,910 feet) above sea level, receiving 1200-1400mm of rainfall annually which is spread throughout the year. This makes the supply of Kenyan tea consistent throughout the year both in quantity and quality.

Kenya has a variety of teas, which are natured to suit the various tea growing regions. Research continues to be undertaken in production of new varieties of tea. With each new variety developed, chemical properties of the produce are enhanced. This implies that the health attributes that tea is associated with can be found in abundance in Kenyan tea. Over 70% of Kenyan tea is hand-picked. Only the finest top two leaves and a bud are used in production. This explains the excellent cuppage and aroma. Kenya has over the years developed skills in tea production which can be attested to by the quality of our tea. Kenyan tea factories are also certified with internationally acclaimed standards.